Utility Feasibility Study

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Construction is a very exciting industry, witnessing that old office on a high street becoming; an elegant, luxurious apartment block, or that charming old barn become a spectacular, dazzling home worthy of a slot on Grand Designs!

Are you a property developer? Builder? Architect? Or simply just renovating your own home?

We know you will be thinking about the finished look of your property; with the solid oak flooring, the colour swatches, those aluminium bi-folding doors and the customised ceiling lights… but have you thought about the new utility connections?

At the early stages of a development we can carry out a feasibility study to investigate the amount of electric, gas and water you require is available on the network – and if its not, we can provide you with the options and costing to upgrade the infrastructure. At this stage we can also provide you with the estimated timescales to deliver the connections and assist you to factor it in to your build program. CSG Utilities will be with you every step of the way!

Utility connections can be a very time consuming and costly task with numerous different options. Here at CSG Utilities Ltd we will provide you with a fully bespoke design and build utility package for you domestic, commercial and Industrial developments.

We provide a hassle free, single point of contact for utility connections, This avoids any gaps in the supply chain relating to the utilities and avoids that forgotten elements that so often used to happen.

Jessica Pointing, Managing Director - 23rd April 2018.