Artillery House

Case Study 01

Residential Development

Client Name: Beech Design & Build

Location: Artillery House, Byrom Street, Manchester, M3 4PF


- Upgrade of the existing supply to 75kVA bulk metered supply

- Installation of LV mains service to modular metering panel

- Supply and installation of the required CT Metered Supply

- Install of MOD 156

- Traffic management arrangement

- Arrangement of out of hours working to ensure the completion of the site ahead of schedule

Located within a two-minute walk from Manchester's prime FInancial district of Spinningelds and its leisure district along Deansgate.

The property, which is one of the last buildings to be redeveloped within Manchester's 'Golden Triangle' of luxury residential developments, has been transformed into 12 high-spec apartments. From studio apartments to one-bedroom duplex apartments, the development boasts the latest smart technologies (for example, underfloor heating and digital locks), bespoke furnishings and smart, space-saving features.